Plan, what plan ?

You mean there is a plan

So basically the plan is to take one of these... Sparky's Not-So-Good Side
And turn it into one of these...

This Uber-Gadget is a Doon Buggy. Their site has a wealth of information for the budding Buggy builder. Check it out here

Doon Buggy
I intend to keep the costs down as far as possible to avoid any of that typical (well, typically me) spiralling of the plans to include just one more shiny / noisy / expensive bit.

With this in mind the search for a donor car began on that godsend to anyone looking for junk, eBay. The criteria I was looking for in the donor was fairly straightforward

  • Pre January 1973 (so no tax to pay, and cool black and silver reg plates)
  • A standard, as opposed to a 'Super' Beetle (Torsion bar front suspension)
  • Mechanically fairly sound (Without expecting miracles)
  • Not too far from Sheffield (Delivery would cost too much)
  • Not worth a conventional restoration (To avoid being lynched by Beetle purists)

    At any given time there are a number of Beetles on eBay, the trick is finding one which meets all of the requirements. There is a thriving Beetle restoration scene so the restorable ones still sell fairly well.

    When Sparky came up for sale I was lucky that he was fairly local, and the price was right so the deal was done and he duly arrived at his new home.

    Then the fun could really begin.

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