Pain and Swearing

How much fun is this

Taking out window seals with a Stanley knife, cutting off wings with an angle grinder and swinging a crowbar at long seized bolts are just some of the many and various ways a project like this can lead to bloodshed and an associated barrage of abuse, mainly aimed at Hitler. Obviously it's his fault for having the thing designed....
Task Injury OSF Factor *
Removal of doors, bonnet and bootNone (Even though I had to angle grind one of the door bolts)N/A
Removing windows using Stanley knifeNone (I know, all OK so far)N/A
Rear Body Shell removalCut Finger (Must buy decent gloves)6
Walking the dogDid something horrible to wrist falling down hill :)1 (Dog's Fault)

* OSF Factor, how much the outcome was my Own Stupid Fault, on a scale of 1 (accident) to 10 (crass stupidity). This does not apply if the injury was sustained while the Dog was in the room, obviously must have been his fault.