Getting ready to floor it

Why is it never that easy ?

After a break over Christmas,it's about time to get the new floor on, as the pans have been lying about for a couple of months now

As I have mentioned before the new pans are not quite up to the originals in terms of quality, being made of fairly thin metal but the problems really start to appear when they were lined up with the chassis.

The new pans seem to have been designed by someone who was familiar with the general layout of the Beetle floor, without actually being completely familiar with the dimensions. Needless to say a good amount of grinding, swearing, hammering and bleeding was required to get the buggers to line up more or less properly

But for the first time in months here we have Sparky's floor as it should be, apart from the fact it isn't welded on yet. Got a bloke coming round tomorrow to give me a quote for that, so fingers crossed.
So, finally the welding is done. In the hands of an expert it didn't take long. There are spot welds about every inch along the pans, with the outriggers seam welded to the tunnel.
Even with the crappy thin pans it should be a nice strong job.
The next problem to overcome was the mounting of the seats (good idea to have seats I thought). Unfortunately the Corbeau bucket seats did not fit into the contours of the pans,so some modification was required.
Luckily I had some steel box the right thickness to fill the depression in the floor pan and mount the back of the seats, but after some thought I decided to make the box pass through the pan and run from edge to edge. When it's all bolted up it should make a really strong mounting position.
And here's the bottom view. I've got some decent thickness metal plates to finish everything off. I think it's safe to say that I won't have to worry about any crash bad enough to dislodge the seats.
So here we have the seat runners in approximately their final position. Once the new box sections are bolted in place the pans are going to be covered top and bottom in fiber glass for extra super-strength.
And here we have the bottom of the floorpan after fiberglassing and rustproofing. Looks not bad and is much stiffer than it was before.
Not bad for a weekends work.
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