Love at first sight

The sellers eBay photos

Looking from this side, things appear to be quite healthy..... Most of the major bits are there and some repair work has been carried out at some point in the past. I know from the seller that the car has sat pretty much untouched for the last 13 years. Sparky's Good Side
Sparky's Not-So-Good side Things are not quite so from this side. There has been a body repair along the back which has started to rot, the rear wheel arch has gone completely and there is a fair bit of rust on the structure.
Here you can see where the repairs were carried out, and where things are still original. Back End
Pooooowwweeeerrrrrrrr The engine looked to be fairly complete, an impressive 1200cc would have, in their day, given you an impressive 40+ horsepower and taken the bug from 0 to 60 eventually.
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