Bargain Buckets

The floor goes, and some seats arrive

After a few weeks off, work has began in ernest on the next phase, the removal of the floor pans and the fitting of new, hopefully less rusty, ones.

Cool find from, a pair of slightly grotty bucket seats, that'll clean up a treat.

Here we see one of the new seats in its final position, apart from the absence of a floor pan obviously. The left side has been chopped out, so only the right side to do.
Most of the back bits and pieces have been de-rusted now, and splattered with a coat of rustproofing primer. I think I managed to get more on the garage floor, and the Dog, than I got on the metal but hey-ho
The final task was to collect all the random bits of the engine from their shelf and try and put the thing back together. Sort of given up on making this look uber-cool, as it's only a 1200 and it'll be dog slow, so I'll probably replace it with something a little bigger.

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