Removing the easy bits

Something tells me it's going to get more difficult from here

There is no part of the build I have agonised over more than the internal layout. If anything is wrong here I'll have to live with it. Once the holes are cut it'll be difficult to fill them in again.
The light switch came from a Ford Focus, via eBay. It was a bit of a bugger trying to figure out the wiring for the switch as I couldn't find a wiring diagram on the Net.

Bit spoiled for choice on the Beetle, there are hundreds available for that.

The ignition switch has moved from the Steering column to the dashboard. This will let me make it a bit more secure (not that much though). Amazing how easy it is to hotwire a Beetle :)

Moving the ignition switch let me mount the high beam switch on the steering column where it is nice and easy to get at.

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