What's it all costing

How much is too much

With this project I am keen to keep the costs under control and try to stick to a total budget of 2500. This will be tight as the buggy shell is 1600, plus all the other bits I will need, such as lights, wheels, seats etc.

Luckily, there are a load of Beetle bits on eBay, so if there is anything majorly mechanical I find I need eBay will provide a potential alternative to the traditional trip to the scrap yard.

Item Price Did i really need it Total
Purchase Price52Bargain !!!
Delivery100Ouch, but it needed done in a hurry 152
Build a Buggy Book20eBay, didn't see Beetles for Dummies :) 172
Haynes Manual6Another eBay bargain, don't pick up a spanner without one 178
Draper Trolley Jack20May perhaps need this. 198
Cheapo Axle Stands24Two sets, for when the wheels come off 222
Boiler Suit13Prevent domestic strife 235
'Double T' Release Oil1Supermarket WD40 Clone 236
Old Fashioned Impact Driver10Hopefully get the door off with this 246
Goggles5Rust is nasty !!! 251
Scorpion saw blades8Half the in-store price !!! 259
High Temperature Paint6Exhaust J-tubes are solid, just need a bit of a tidy up 265
Blue Metal Paint12Hopefully use this to tidy up the engine bits and pieces 277
Longer Wheel Brace6For more power 283
Corbeau bucket seats25Need a bit of a clean 308
Upholstery cleaner5See above :) 313
New disks for the grinder10Getting through the floorpans 323
New gearbox mounts and oil seals28Started putting things back :) 351
Slightly tatty body shell and bonnet180Another Bargain :) 531
Van hire to get it home85Wouldn't fit in the Honda 616
eBay Wiring Harness9Removed with more care than mine 625
LED Rear Lights60Look good on busses 685
Front beam bearings48May as well do it properly 733
Reconditioned Front beam60Old one is totally knackered 793
LED Front Indicators10Bought to use as side repeaters 803
Floor Pan Welding100Found a local mobile welding dude 903
Rubber Grommets4Stop unwelcome chafing 907
New Fuseboxes7Blade type fuses,bit more modern 914
Heat Shrink Tubing8Trying to make one good wiring harness from various bits 922
Various Spade Crimps6Replace all the old corroded ones 928
Mk1 Ford Focus Light Switch4Has the mechanical fog light switch 932
Lucas Pattern Ignition Switch13Replace the dodgy original one 945
40 Blade Fuses3For the new fuse boxes 948
Fiberglass Stuff from Mel Hubbard50Reinforce the floorpans 998
bits and Pieces50Nuts,bolts and some odds and ends 1048
Rubber Gloves6For all the difference they make 1054
Nuts and Bolts6Found a great hardware shop in Swindon 1060