Akhet Egyptology



The National Museums Of Scotland
Chambers Street
Telephone +44 (0)131 225-7534

The NMS has an impressive collection of Egyptian artifacts. These include mummies, from the Roman period, and various coffins. It also has a wide range of everyday items which give a fascinating look at life in ancient Egypt. The displays contain items from the pre dynastic period up to the Roman period.

The collection houses a total of 11 mummies, two complete skeletons and also a mummified head. These all entered the collection between 1854 and 1912. The skeletons date from the 17th Dynasty, with the mummies ranging from the 21st Dynasty up to the Roman period. At present three of the mummies from the Roman period are on display to the public.

The museum is presently involved in a major research project to investigate all the mummies in the collection. Hit the link for more details of the NMS Mummy Project

Owing to building work on a new extension to the museum, many of the displays have been moved to protect the items from vibration.

The lighting and layout of the present exhibit lends itself well to photography. The display cases are illuminated by overhead fluorescent lights and reflections from the cabinets do not present too much of a problem.

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