Akhet Egyptology


 Marischal Museum

University Of Aberdeen

The museum contains a varied collection of donated exhibits. These include mummies, wall fragments, Shabtis, etc.

At present some of the artifacts are on display in the exhibition 'Collecting the World', These consist largely of object collected by Dr.. James Grant ('Grant Bay'), a physician in Cairo last Century who acquired material from the Khedive.

The collection contains some fine statues and a large collection of small objects. One of the main features of the Museum is a reconstruction of a late 1800's living room which is enclosed behind glass. In this exhibit there is a large antique display cabinet which contains what appears to be a large quantity of Egyptian artifacts. These include statues, real and dummy Canopic jars, Shabti figures and a wooden box, possibly a Canopic chest.

The museum lighting makes photography 'interesting' as many of the items are illuminated by spotlights rather than fluorescent lights. These can reflect quite badly on the display cases.

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