After the blow-away success of the 2.5m wing, I embarked on one about twice the size. This was a great idea in theory, unfortunately the cellar which doubles as my workshop was a little too small for something this ambitious :)
Anyway after a few days of construction the Purple People Eater was carted up to the local playing fields to see if it would fly or not.
Here we see the moment of truth, will it fly ???.... will it tangle itself into a huge mess and end up straight in the nearest bin ???.

The kite was set up as a two line, and without any tuning of bridle length at all it climbed steadily to the top of the wind window and sat there nicely, which is just as well as it is kind of tricky to take a photo of a kite as you are flying it :)
There wasn't much wind, but even then the kite produced a steady pull, which I think will be good for use with my new toy, a Peter Lynn Competition kite buggy.

Having shown the kite would fly as a two liner, it was then set up as a quad, and taken off to the beach at Lytham StAnnes for more flight testing. Again there was not an awful lot of wind, but the wing proved more than capable of pulling me off my feet on one occasion. Luckily not many people noticed.

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